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z2 PocketLAN 3.11

z2 PocketLAN 3.11

z2 PocketLAN Publisher's Description

z2 PocketLAN v3.11 What's new in version 3.11:
  • Report network scan result in HTML.
  • Scan network with IP Range.
Free upgrade in one year! If you bought older version of PocketLAN, please forward your order confirmation email to z2 for free upgrade. z2 PocketLAN is dedicated network software for your Windows Mobile device. Main features includes:
  • Enable "NETWORK" folder in Pocket File Explorer
  • Auto scan remote computer names and browse, open remote computer files in Pocket File Explorer, play MP3, movie on local network in Windows Media Player
  • Easy to add, remove and change multiple maps of network resource.
  • Auto detect network connection, reconnect the network resource when it is available.
  • File Explorer plugin let you browse the network computer without any typing.
  • Print plain text on network printer.
  • Check your network card IP and MAC address, release and renew IP Address with IP Config.
  • Enhanced Ping can resolve the local network computer name plus MAC address.
  • IP Scan, let you find the IP, MAC and NIC vendors of computers, WiFi access point and routers on the network subnet.
  • Easy Wake on LAN (WOL), wake up remote computer in local subnet or through Internet.
  • IP Report, create report for IP Configurations, TCP/IP statistics and IP routing table in HTML and indicate possible network errors in different colors.

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· English - "Pocket PC Life"

· France - "PDAfrance"

· Spanish - ""

· Chinese - "PCHome"

· Japanese - "PocketGames"

Quick Start Guide: (For more details, please check PocketLAN help file "z2PLHelp.pdf")

  1. After install,clickStart->Programs->PocketLAN and run PocketLAN, click "Yes" when asking for reset to enable "Network Folder". After reset, please plug in your network card and run PocketLAN again.
  2. In PocketLAN, Click "New" button. You will see a new "Share" folder" is added to PocketLAN share folder list window.
  3. Enter local folder name in "Local" edit box, this name will show under File Explorer "NETWORK" folder after connect. For example, to browse my laptop temp folder, enter "my laptop temp".
  4. Enter remote computer share folder name in "Remote" edit box. To get the share folder name on your local network, click the network browse button "..." to open network browse dialog. If the dialog is empty, click "Refresh" button to scan your local network and get the remote computer names. To scan different subnet, please change "Subnet IP" in Scan Network Dialog.
  5. Click "Connect" button or double click the folder "my laptop temp" in PocketLAN share folder list window to add "my laptop temp" into File Explorer "NETWORK" folder.
  6. Double click or click and hold the folder "my laptop temp" in PocketLAN share folder list window to browse it in File Explorer.

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